The Assassin’s Creed boss seems clueless about Ubisoft’s toxic culture

picture: Christian Petersen (Getty Images) in New interview with JournalismUbisoft CEO Yves Guillemot appears to be saying that toxicity in the game industry comes from the necessary “friction” in the creative process. The implication was that it was almost inevitable. after two years workplace account Because of sexual harassment, misconduct and tampering with the publisher … Read more

The Sony Foxy Cooper franchise deserves to have a comeback

picture: Sucker Punch Productions / PlayStation Studios Earlier in the summer, PlayStation developer lollipop punch He revealed that despite months of rumors to the contrary, no one – not himself or another developer – had been following up on either wicked cooper or Disreputable privileges. With the studio now focusing on what’s likely a file … Read more

Rockstar shuts down social media comments as GTA VI leak spreads

Grand Theft Auto V artistic workpicture: rock games In the days following this week particle Grand Theft Auto VI LeaksInvestigations revealed more information about the party behind the hack. Instead of one individual, it appears that at least two people – possibly linked to a larger hacking group – were behind the massive weekend event. … Read more

Andrew Tate Fiasco has apparently ruled out a Valorant franchise spot

G2 Valorant pro Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho has announced that he will be allowed to play elsewhere during the upcoming franchise season.picture: Clive Rose (Getty Images) Perhaps one of the top ten esports companies in the world has just lost its highly coveted spot in the upcoming Riot Games valuation league Because chief executive officer … Read more

Modern Warfare 2 is officially dropping the red dots

picture: Infiniti Import call of duty modern warfare 2On October 28, you’ll stand by the controversial design decisions even after a stressful beta week end, says developer Infinity Ward. The long-running ability to unslide—which allowed players to manipulate slithers to run at breakneck speed—has worn off—and in a move that has replaced some players’ eyes … Read more

The real impact of the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Diablo’ leaks

on September 17 A user called teapotuberhacker went to a file grand theft auto forum with what they claimed were 90 clips of Rockstar Games’ supposed next big hit, Grand Theft Auto VI. “[It’s] Maybe I can leak more data soon, GT 5 and 6 source code and assets, GT 6 build test,” they wrote. … Read more

45 minutes of new gameplay footage

A screenshot from the leaked footage, showing a battle against the Hellcaller Nangari Oracle, which unfairly blurs the obvious textures of the game due to the terrible video quality.screenshot: Activision Blizzard It’s been quite the weekend for the big match leaks. In addition to the first footage from a very incomplete movie GTA 6 Pasted … Read more

Huge Grand Theft Auto 6 leak shows a woman driving, driving, shooting

picture: rock games user on GTAForumswho claims to have also been behind Uber’s latest hackHe just dropped nearly 100 videos online claiming to show Rockstar development footage Grand Theft Auto VI, which is currently circulating across almost every social media platform. Matching a lot of what or what Bloomberg mentioned earlier this year-Including that the … Read more

Blizzard announces free Kiriko amid battle pass controversy

picture: Blizzard Blizzard just announced that the new release (and leaked widelyKiriko the ninja character will be free for everyone Monitor 2 Players who already own a copy of the original Note and watch. While that sounds like cause for celebration, the controversial and free-to-play part is the sequel’s move to lock down access to … Read more

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Introduction: The Best and Strangest Theories

screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku with information about sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Rare as Coccu’s teeth, every scrap or trailer is filled, shredded, and meticulously checked by ardent fans, such as conspiracy Decode the latest Q-drop. Here are some of our favorite fan theories from yesterday’s new trailer, along with … Read more