The Amazon Kindle is now more expensive, so what’s a better alternative?

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With the arrival of the new Amazon Kindle, its screen has been improved, but it is now more expensive as it is the base model of the Kindle. E-book readers are perfect alternatives that can help you save money.

You may not know it, but Amazon has updated the simplest and cheapest Kindle to a new version with many new features. The 2022 Kindle now features a high-resolution display, USB-C connectivity, and doubles the capacity to 16GB.

Although these three novelties were well received, especially the USB-C connection that was already missing, another surprise is that Amazon raised the price of the Kindle by another 20 euros, to 109.99 euros.

If your new Kindle seems too pricey to you, keep reading because Kindle more than ever before has many alternatives that may be of great interest to you.

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Call it an update or call it inflation, but the cheapest Kindle model has already crossed 100 euros while the previous generation was stable at 89.99 euros.

Kobo Nia SPC Dickens Light 2 Woxter E-Book Scriba 195 PocketBook Basic Lux 3

Kubo Nya

This e-book reader has a backlit touch screen, as well as a capacity of more than 6000 books and a battery that can last for weeks on a single charge.

Kubo Nya It is an e-book reader with e-ink screen 6 inches, inchesBacklight so you can read at night and with a file 212 dpi resolution.

It has always been one of the best alternatives to Amazon Kindles due to its great similarity to the previous model. In addition, it has a storage capacity of 8 GB and is compatible with many formats, among which is EPUB.

You can get this e-book reader on Amazon for as little as €100. It is also available on MediaMarkt for €99.99.

SPC Dickens Lite 2

SPC Dickens Lite 2

If you are looking for an ebook reader that is compatible with almost all formats and at a good price, you can get this SPC Dickens Lite 2.

It is a 6-inch backlit e-book reader with 6 levels of density, the ability to read horizontally and vertically, 8 GB of internal storage expandable up to 32 GB with a microSD card.

MediaMarkt is available for €95. On the other hand, on Amazon, you can get it for less than 90 euros.



Woxter E-Book Scriba 195 is another cheap alternative to the Amazon Kindle. It is an e-book reader with a 6-inch e-ink screen.

It has 4GB of memory expandable with a microSD card, 1800mAh battery and a rubber design with texture that prevents it from slipping. It supports all traditional formats like EPUB, FB2, PDF, Doc as well as images.

You’ll find it on Amazon for around 74 euros.

PocketBook Basic Lux 3

PocketBook Basic Lux 3

Another cheap alternative to the new Amazon Kindle is this one PocketBook Basic Lux 36 inch backlit e-ink e-book reader in different shades of white.

It has storage space 8 GB expandable with microSD cardWi-Fi, 1300 mAh battery, compatibility with 19 books and 4 photo formats.

PocketBook Basic Lux 3 can be purchased for just 94 euros from PcComponentes.

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