The New Flames trio get excited in Calgary

Calgary — Long known to prefer shoveling manure over slick sand shots, Daryl Sutter took to the microphone at the Flames Golf Dinner on Wednesday for a message feed.

His only words of advice to golfers were “hit and hope”, before he left the microphone to leave Brad Treleving who surprised him alone on stage to provide entertainment.

Hope is definitely on the market, thanks to Treliving’s ability to dance around two massive departures by adding three massive alternatives.

These three newbies have arrived in town over the past few days, and the outpouring of support they’ve received since arriving down made them understand just how exciting Calgary is.

“I see him,” Jonathan Huberdeau said, who said that just minutes after he got off the plane at YYC International he started getting to know him and getting close to him. “In Florida that’s not really going to happen.

“It wasn’t bad, actually. I went to Costco and did a little bit of work at Costco and it wasn’t recognized much there, so it was good.

“People here are respectful. Everyone is excited for this year. They obviously loved the two stars (Johnny Goudreau and Matthew Tkachuk, as if anyone needed to be reminded) and replacing them with us were totally excited. It’s a new chapter for us and I think you could say the city is excited, and we Excited too.”

MacKenzie Wigar, who is included in Tkachuk’s mega package, ramped up that fervor on Wednesday when he opened his tenure in the city with a bold announcement.

“Coming from Florida in a good team, and then coming here, I’d say we’re a better team than Florida,” the versatile defender said, before adding that he was in talks with the team hoping to sign an extension. thus.

“There’s a lot of excitement, I think.”

Despite his haircut in which Huberdeau raves about how much better his longtime friend looks, Weegar has been recognized and welcomed by fans since the day he arrived.

“I went to the mall the first day and had a lot of fans coming in and saying how excited they were,” said Wigar, who said his new teammates were equally hospitable.

“It’s such a nice feeling and a nice greeting from them.”

Nazim Qadri, whose free agency signing last month is a cherry over summer shopping at Treliving, said he didn’t have much time to mingle with the crowd, but he had a hit with the tournament.

“I can’t wait to come home to Canada and have the support of the city of Calgary and the enthusiastic fans of The Flames,” said Kadri, whose tumultuous summer included a Stanley Cup party in his hometown of London, Ont.

“He’s hugged me so far, and I can’t wait to show him what we’ve got.

“There has been buzz around the team all summer, as Brad has had a very active summer. I think we brought in some great players to try and take the next step.”

Qadri’s powerful style should make him a coach and a fan favorite, but he still has plans to love himself in other ways.

“I might have to buy a cowboy hat,” he said with a laugh. “I heard this is a thing, the white cowboy hat is here. I think this is a mainstay. I just love the culture.”

The tight-knit team is now looking to get tighter by camp which will go a long way towards figuring out who fits in.

“I’m excited because the players are excited – that’s probably the best part,” said Treleving, who joked that the latter part of the summer was more enjoyable than the first half.

“I always say the players first know who the good players are. They know they have added some really good players.”

The three starters are already pivotal pieces for the Flames team that won the division with 111 points, yet they’ve strengthened their ranks in the poles and in the middle.

“I think we have a great team,” said Huberdeau, the left winger who tied 115 points with Goudreau.

“Our defensive core is great. We have a great team. A great goalkeeper. Two goalkeepers. … We added Naz too. We have a great top 6. We are a checking team. I’m excited to see what we’re going to do.

“This year I think we can believe and go get the Stanley Cup right away.”

The big story in bootcamp is how quickly the team can begin to create harmony among its new teammates.

“In order to have a great season, we have to get off to a great start and have a nice home to start the season, so we can take advantage of it,” said Qadri, whose club plays in nine of their first ten matches. at home. “The sky is the limit.

“I think we have a team that can definitely compete, and that’s the final decision on why I came here.

“I like pieces, I like men, and to get to know them I like them more.”