The Nintendo Switch has two problems that are too big to get rid of

Yesterday’s big Nintendo announcements were enough to get any avid gamer excited. there is new Zelda The game will be released in 2023. BICMIN 4 is happening. Fire Emblem: Clash Means more exhilarating tactical fantasy battles in the pipeline. And another package of Mario Kart 8 Tracks means we can all spend more time playing one of the best kart racers ever released.

And after. . . I’m still a little pessimistic about the Nintendo Switch itself. It’s been very successful for Nintendo, and I’ve enjoyed many Switch games, but I’ve also realized that it’s the game system I play the least. Even my kids rarely play it, preferring to stick with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and (in my son’s case) a gaming computer.

There are two main reasons for this – two big problems holding the switch from greatness, and from taking up a larger share of our playing time. (To be fair, if we were big gamers on mobile devices, we might play more of our Switch devices, and they benefit more when traveling. Besides, these issues exist regardless of our personal gaming habits.)

Problem #1: Joy-Con Drift

I actually have two problems – let’s call them sub-problems – with the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. My first problem is more subjective:

I don’t like how small it is and this doubles to be used individually, as it does in games like Mario Kart 8 When playing a local multiplayer game (unless you have enough to use in pairs or have a much better Nintendo Pro gamepad).

Well, whatever it is, I have hands that are larger than many, so naturally these hands look small to me. At least when the adapter is docked, I can always use the Pro controller, and it’s perfectly fine in every respect – a superior, more traditional gamepad.

The second problem is subjective and much worse: Joy-Con drift is what happens when the joysticks shake and begin to “move” without moving. So you’ll turn on the console and when you’re trying to select a game, the drift moves the “cursor” down (or right or left or whatever way it’s drifting) so you can’t decide what you want.

This also affects the gameplay. You’ll go in one direction but let go of the joystick and suddenly start moving in the other – off the road, down a ramp, or into a wall. It’s annoying but it’s more than just an irritation. It makes playing games less fun. It spoils the experience, quite frankly, and even if you get new or repaired Joy-Cons, the drift is often there or coming back. All of this in and of itself is enough to single me out from the entire Switch gaming experience.

Problem #2: Horse

The only thing that really hold The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Once again it was a fact that Nintendo developed and released it across both Nintendo Switch And the If it had been longer since its release on the Switch, the game would have played better and looked better and so forth. That’s why it’s so cool to have a sequel to it, Kingdom tearsIt only comes out on Switch.

But here’s my problem with it: the Nintendo Switch itself is woefully weak. I realize that Nintendo has never prioritized horsepower, speed, and graphics the way the Xbox and PlayStation have, but still: There are some games I’ve played on the Switch that don’t play well, even if docked and using a Pro controller. Framerates in games like fortnite They are inferior to competing hardware, which creates an immediate drawback to multiplayer.

That’s why it’s so disappointing that there’s been no word about a Nintendo Switch Pro or a dedicated console version of the Switch that has more powerful parts, allowing non-mobile gamers to plug it into their TVs and never dock and undo it. as good as Kingdom tears Sounds like, I’m sure I’d love to see this game play on a powerful platform like PS5 or Xbox Series X | S or my gaming computer.

This is also not only because I love beautiful graphics. I also like the smooth frame rates and fast load times, and the adapter didn’t provide either.

These are issues that aren’t going anywhere until we get a new console, and as popular as the Switch is, they probably won’t last for long. Which is a disgrace.