The top line shines at Holloway-Hamblin-Burgault as Oilers Rockies put out flames 4-1

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Oilers Rookies 4, Flames Rookies 1

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The Edmonton Oilers Rookie took the ice in Penticton for the second night in a row and skated again with the win, this win over their counterparts representing Calgary Flames, 4-1.

It was a thrilling affair with long runs of dirty hockey punctuated by some sweet moments. Very typical at this time of year. Unfortunately, suite Carter Savoy He left the game early in the first period, leaving coach Colin Schulk scrambling to rotate eleven strikers.

The Oilers attack was on track Dylan HollowayAnd the Jam Hamblin And the Xavier Borgolt Who combined in the last three goals in the match. This trio leads the following player reports.


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Dylan Holloway: Several early chances in tight but the disc isn’t going to bounce back for him. Run the powerplay motor away from the iron from the high slot. Flame mashes with a heavy blow to the open ice. He jumped on a space disk inside Edmonton Bluelin with a penalty kick and quickly broke off partially but the disk did not stabilize. Among those who lost at 1-1. The imp coughed out of his own line when he and his comrades needed a change. The match opened when he scored 3-1 with a short shot from his wrist after changing the angle with a neat toe pull. Added an empty netter with five minutes (!) left with a backhand spinning around the neutral that found the center of the net. Better than lubricants for these eyes.

Xavier Borgolt: Some good work along the right-hand plates in the o-zone resulted in some stress. Pointing a penalty kick with a strong movement into the net. He failed to remove the disc in his area after some extended Calgary compression, which resulted in more of the same. Wolf robbed him of a tight spot, but made a fine pass in the middle on a continuation that buried Hamblin 2-1. He is often well placed on the defensive side of the disc.

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James Hamblin: He made a good interception and counterattack on PK but could not solve Wolf with the knocker. Did he beat the Flames stopper minutes later with a good sucker out of the hole for his second goal of the tournament, both winning the match. He fired a tricky shot from a low-angle spin action. He drew a penalty when it was passed by giant Adam Klapka. He won the d-zone discus, pulled the ice and provided a good back pass to Holloway in the 3-1 game.

Carter Savoy: He left the match early in the first half with a clear injury. stay tuned

Matvey Petrov: Oil riders have the option to upgrade the 19-year-old sniper to the AHL this season but if this game shows he’s not ready yet. A step behind the game’s most action. This was not helped by a sinister examination that pushed him to the boards. I did a great short pass to send Holloway in powerplay. He finally unleashed his big shot in the last minute of play and fired it over Wolfe’s ear and over the bar.

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Reed Schaefer: He took a good look from the high aperture but missed. Later, let’s fly one good timer off the blue line that made a dangerous bounce that Hamblin nearly cashed in. He showed his strength forward when he skated through a potentially powerful blow that didn’t end well for his opponent.

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Noah Philip: Dangerous all night long. He opened the scoring with a powerful outside shot that tricked Flames hotshot goalkeeper Dustin Wolf on the short side. He made good play to fight the check and press the boards on RW’s right wing but couldn’t quite connect with his positioning pass to Petrov. He fired another engine that Wolf tested early in the third. Can’t quite connect to a great opportunity at the back door. He fired another external bullet, which Wolf fought. Pay attention to the details of the game.

Philip Ingaras: The right axis has some games: good speed, slippery, good resolutions with the tweaks. Made a good pass to Chiason for a serious look.

Jake Chiason: I had a pair of close chances early in the third from a nice feed from Engaras but couldn’t solve Wolf. He seemed relieved to pinch his stick, and distributed it well.

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defense men

Philip Broberg: He got a booming check at the start, a welcome change from last year when he appeared to be on the receiving end for the most part throughout pre-season. However, he failed to treat the disk with similar authority. One weak pass changed possession and some extended pressure. A couple of soft on-point plays helped derail the strong play of the second period. She looked worse in the next PP with two passes to anyone followed by a turn that made a clear break in the other direction. Use his ability to move and reach to limit damage on the defensive end.

Max Wanner: Bob Stover hinted that he might be signed in the coming short period. This is far from automatic for a seventh-round draft pick, but this selection is vastly superior to the low draft slot. The strong defender handled himself well for the most part and played the first minutes with Bruberg.

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Philip Kemp: Lost in the corner on 1-1. Sneak into the open ice and let it fly as an excellent one-off timer from a low angle that forced Wolf to grapple well. He stopped well defensively in a play that looked like he was being beaten wide. He seems to be lacking the quick move he needs to get the breakup after winning the initial battle.

Michael Kesselring: The towering defender soon developed an ongoing feud with Walker Dewherr of the Flames. Take the penalty for throwing the disc over the glass. I got a chance to take an angled shot from the low hole but couldn’t find a hole. He did a great job on the line in 2021, first-rounder Conor Zare in a one-on-one match, keeping the skilled torch in the periphery and blocking the centering pass. Adam Klapka pitched the giant in a third-period scrap that appeared thirteen feet high from a human but ultimately didn’t quite reach it.

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Charlie Wright: Most eye-catching at camp calls for these eyes, the unpolished Saskatoon Blade appeared to guard Bluelin with equanimity. He started play on Hamblin’s goal with a diagonal pass, although it was not part of the scoring play.


Olivier Rodrigue: A couple of decent early stops. He was beaten from a distance of 1-1, with a little “help” from some traffic jam up front that might require a review in an NHL game. Use good positioning to stuff the Powerplay opportunity from the edge of the crease. He got the help of his flyers twice in the middle frame, then helped himself by kicking a dangerous pass out of danger. He made a terrible spin behind his grid and was very lucky that the disk didn’t end up in his grid as a result. He hit the door with a series of good tackles very late. 18 shots, 17 saves, .944 saves.

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Next up: Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks Rookies in the Championship Finals, Monday at 3:30 p.m. CST.

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