The UK watchdog has officially launched an in-depth investigation into the Xbox’s Activision deal

Achievement of the UK competition regulator in Can be referred to “in-depth investigation” Because of a number of antitrust concerns.

Notably, she said she was concerned about the impact of the deal It could be on PlayStation’s ability to competegiven that the deal would see Microsoft take ownership of the Call of Duty series.


Sony has welcomed the news The Capital Market Authority expands its inquiry. It claims that Microsoft’s control of games like Call of Duty “will have significant negative effects on gamers and the future of the gaming industry”.

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The CMA offered Microsoft the opportunity to submit proposals that address its concerns, but said Thursday that the company has chosen not to do so at this point.

The second phase of the CMA investigation saw the appointment of an independent panel to examine the deal in more detail and assess whether it is likely to significantly reduce competition.

It is unclear how long the next phase of the investigation may take, but VGC has contacted the authority to obtain more information.

“The CMA has referred the anticipated acquisition by Microsoft of Activision Blizzard, Inc. for an in-depth investigation, on the understanding that, based on information currently available to it, this merger may or may be expected to result in a significant reduction in competition within market or markets in the UK,” the watchdog said on Thursday.

The proposed acquisition is They are checked by the regulators around the world amid concerns about antitrust issues during a period of increasing consolidation in the gaming industry.

according to financial times A report published on Wednesday, the organizers and other participants in the deal are also Expect a prolonged EU investigation Once Microsoft will officially file its case in Brussels in the coming weeks.

“It’s a big deal, a tough deal,” a source familiar with the deal told the Financial Times. “It needs extensive investigation.”

earlier this month, Microsoft has provided some clarification on its plans For the future of Call of Duty if the acquisition process continues.

In a statement to the edgeAnd the The UK watchdog has officially launched an in-depth investigation into the Xbox's Activision deal

‘Inappropriate on many levels’.

The current Call of Duty deal between Sony and Activision is believed to cover Modern Warfare 2 and New game from Black Ops developer TreyarchWhich may not arrive until 2024.