This may be the most amazing photo ever taken of a dying comet


Austrian astrophotographer Gerald Riemann may have given us the best picture ever of a dying comet. The image also shows the dazzling tail of the comet with the endless valley of stars in the background. The photo is so stunning, some might even find it hard to believe it’s a real photo.

This may be the most amazing photo ever taken of a dying comet

Rayman’s latest work has also earned him first prize in the 2022 Astrophotographer Competition for the Royal Observatory Greenwich. The cosmic object in question is Comet Leonard, a very bright comet that was first seen in January last year, as it was accelerating through our solar system.

“Astronomy, myth, and art come together beautifully in this shot,” He said Emad Ahmed, the competition judge, in a statement. “It holds great value for scientists, as it elegantly captures the disconnection event.”

Leonard’s tail steals the show

The comet got the nickname from its discoverer, Gregory Leonard, a senior researcher specializing in the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona. Because the comet is so bright, it can be seen with the naked eye along with its dazzling tail.

The award-winning image was dated December 25, 2021, and captured a detailed look at the comet’s tail, which is commonly called a zombie. Comets are easily observed because they secrete volatile matter such as gases and dust as they bypass the inner solar system.

Other great entries in the competition

The comet died when it got too close to the sun in January of this year. But its fire afforded astrophotographers ample time to capture it in all its glory.

This may be the most amazing photo ever taken of a dying comet

The competition also featured some other great photos including a stunning photo of the International Space Station passing in front of a sea of ​​calm on the moon. Another entry showed the spiral nebula nicknamed “God’s Eye”.

Rhemann was very happy to receive the highest honor in the competition. “This award is one of my most outstanding works in astrophotography,” he said in a statement. “All the effort to make this picture a success was worth it.”

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