Vancouver’s Daniela Klimovic is a summer Canucks player, plays for the AHL, and where he wants to improve – Canucksarmy

Saturday is a slow day at the Vancouver Canucks Young Stars Championship. The team skied in the afternoon to keep their legs fresh and had plans for team building activity later in the evening.

When it came to interviews, it was one of the biggest days of the weekend when Danila Klimovich spoke to the media without a translator for the first time.

And honestly, he handled himself well. The 19-year-old spends three days a week teaching English lessons while continuing to develop his life in North America. His wife also joins him for those lessons, and they both really enjoyed their first summer in Vancouver.

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“Vancouver is a very beautiful city,” Klimovich said when asked about his summer. β€œI love Vancouver. I drove around Vancouver and went to Tofino. It was a good summer. It’s my best summer.”

Adjusting to a place where you don’t speak the language or know the culture must have been very difficult and Klimovic talked about the struggles he faced in the beginning.

“Yes, he was a bit of an annoyance,” Klimovich said when asked about his first few months in Canada. β€œI tried not to be sad and just to be positive. I tried, but sometimes the stress was[ful]. It was very difficult. But I think I’m done with it [the stress]. “

He comes out of a tough answer with a smile as Klimovic is excited about what the future holds and clearly loves his life in Canada.

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When asked how his rookie season went, he noted the jump in competition as well as the excitement simply because he was able to show he could belong in the AHL.

β€œOf course, I was happy with that because I played with professional players [in Canada]Klimovich said. “[My] Last year before Canada, she played a small role in Belarus. It’s a big step for me.”

Klimovich had a chuckle when he mentioned jumping from Belarus junior hockey to the AHL.

It seemed as if playing an entire season of professional hockey in North America was a huge problem for him. Klimovic had an option to go to QMJHL last year but he stayed at Abbotsford all season and ended up scoring eight goals and adding 10 assists in 62 games.

As for his off-season training, we saw him in North Delta working with other pros and he wanted to focus on his strengths but also work on his weaknesses and what the coaching staff advised him on as well.

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“I [worked on] β€œMy best shot, almost every day I will go to the shooting area,” said Klimovich. β€œD-zone play coach told me, so I tried watching the video and [also] My behavior on the ice, I tried to keep it in mind.”

Being the youngest player in the AHL was a great experience for Klimovic but he is focusing more on being able to play in that league.

“Yes, that’s great for me,” said Klimovich. β€œIt doesn’t matter when you were born. You need to play hockey, use your skills and just play.”

There is clearly a lot of incredible talent in Klimovic’s game. His shot can absolutely resemble that at the NHL level and in practice, he often tears that one up at the top corners. More consistency is still needed and that is what good training can do for him in the years to come. The good news is that this is still just a teenager and it will probably be necessary to give him some ropes when you learn that a new country last year. This season should be more about developing those weaker parts of his game and finding a way to get consistency in his game to be more present.

A lot of people want to believe that Klimovic can push for NHL minutes soon, but this is a player who will take a lot of work before he gets that chance. It’s good that he’s been making a video about him playing defensively as well as being aware of some of the behavioral issues he sometimes exhibits.

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While anticipating the 2022-23 season, Klimovic’s realistic goal should be to make his way into the team’s top six group. We think he’ll see power play time throughout the year, but if we get to supplement time producing in the top six at Abbotsford, that’s a huge win for the teenager and the organization.

Draft Klimovic should be at the top of the list for new AHL coach Jeremy Coleton. If he and his crew are able to develop Klimovich into a player of NHL caliber, if that happens, the AHL development group should receive praise for their work.

The onus now falls on Coleton, the development staff at Abbotsford, and Klimowicz himself. If the team can really start educating and training the child, there is a very bright future ahead.