Verdansk returns in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

It’s been almost a year since then worldly disappeared from the face Call of Duty: War Zone. Now, after a full reveal in the Call of Duty: NEXT trailer, it has been confirmed that the beloved map will be returning to the Call of Duty: Warzone platform. However, it will come back in the form Warzone Mobile(kind of) brand new Battle Royale adventure Coming to mobile devices everywhere, for free.

During a short trailer and a quick discussion in Next CODIt was revealed Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile It will be held in Verdansk. It will display the entire map from start to finish, including all the classic points of interest we remember well from the original launch, and back to March 2020. But, as you can probably imagine, the entire map, the mode, the weapons, the players, and everything else It will be low resolutionallowing full access in all areas.

COD Warzone Mobile returns to Verdansk

as such portable games becoming increasingly common, it makes sense that a Warzone Mobile platform will be presented. Surprisingly, it took nearly three years for it to launch, though. Regardless, we can now confirm it COD Warzone Mobile On the way, and it looks relatively good, from what we’ve seen. Here’s the trailer, if you’re interested in seeing a profile Low-resolution version of Verdansk Play on your screen:

Now, we are not touching the fact that this It is a portable experience. Far from it, in fact – mobile games are on the rise, and they boast one of the largest accessible audiences in the history of the industry. Estimated that there are some Two billion players on mobile devices In the world, and some countries of the world The best mobile sports games It attracts huge audiences.

In recent years, we have seen many games move to mobile devices, such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. There is an on-the-go variant of most top-tier competitive titles, and in almost every case, they are “shrinked” versions of the full title they represent. With that in mind, it doesn’t matter if Warzone Mobile It doesn’t look amazing – it will still provide a great mobile experience on the map the most Call of Duty: War Zone Players know and love.

What do we know about Warzone Mobile?

In the end, that’s it – that’s all we know about it Warzone Mobile. If you have ever played Call of Duty: Warzone, you will fully understand and appreciate all the features of Warzone Mobile right from the start. It is completely identical to the full game Launched in March 2020From gear system and economy to hot drops and contracts. There is absolutely nothing “new” about Warzone Mobile, aside from the fact that it runs on a device that fits in your pocket.

If we are honest, we can see the field of esports Opening up to Warzone Mobile. There is a valid and valuable PUBG Mobile esports community, and it only makes sense that Warzone Mobile would follow suit. For example, the next day World Championship of Warzone, scheduled for 2023, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a mobile category covered in some way. After all, some of the best COD Mobile players in the world will be eager to sink their competitive teeth into Warzone Mobile.

While some people might think so The call of duty is dying newly, All this news In regards to new toys it may only influence them to think the other way.