What do you expect from the Montreal Canadiens this season

MONTREAL – Patience is in order as the Montreal Canadiens embark on the next chapter of their rebuilding journey.

This does not mean that fans cannot be optimistic about the future. Players like Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki are the perfect foundation for building a competitive roster.

There is also a group of highly skilled people who can pin hopes and dreams on them, such as forwards Juraj Slavkowski, Philip Messar, Joshua Roy, Owen Beck and Sean Farrell. On the defensive side of things, Kayden Joel, Matthias Norlander, Justin Barron, William Trudeau and Jordan Harris are on the cusp of a full-time role in the National Hockey League, representing one of the strongest combinations of defensive prospects in the team’s history.

The long-term outlook is very bright, having Kent Hughes’ calculated moves all summer.

In the short term, the landscape ready for the Montreal Canadiens is anything but welcoming.

To put it in context: The Canadian team finally finished in 2021-22, and that was with players like Jeff Petrie, Brett Colak, Ben Chiarot, Tyler Toffoli and Arturi to be in the squad. Removing it from the equation meant the Canadians lost six players who not only took up big minutes for the team but were also setting up excellent base numbers.

Add to that the absence of Carey Price as well as Shea Weber’s trade to the Vegas Golden Knights, and it’s safe to assume that Kent Hughes and Co. They don’t expect playoffs this year, especially when you consider the rest Atlantic Division Get involved in an arms race this summer.

that’s good. You could easily say that this is the perfect time to rebuild.

A necessary evil

The other poor end of the standings should ensure a chance to craft the next highly anticipated phenomenon, Conor Bedard, who is, by all accounts, a franchise-altering player.

It would also allow younger players to develop in a relatively low-pressure position, one that comes with plenty of opportunities to prove their worth, either in Montreal or in AHL with Laval Rocket.

But the transformation will take some time. The patience required to develop a competition list extends much further Management. Fans should embrace it, too.

It won’t be easy, especially in a world where instant gratification is king, but there is simply no workaround when it comes to developing players to their fullest potential.

Slavkovsky He could end up in the AHL, which would certainly elicit some emotional reactions in a market like Montreal, seeing Mats Sunden as the last striker to be picked first overall and not playing in the NHL in 1989, but the team’s last crest, one that Focuses on long-term rewards rather than short-term gains, and gives some insight regarding their approach; They are not worried about outside noise.

As long as the fans follow suit, next season, which will see far more losses than wins, will go a long way in creating the organization for future success.