What to expect from Dontrell Hilliard, OJ Howard, and more from the first week’s breakout

In fantasy football, stellar performances from an unexpected player are often considered an aberration, but there are also performances throughout the year that alert fantasy managers to new players capable of producing high returns. In pre-season we can all speculate about which players have the best chance of succeeding, but in reality, we don’t really know until the start of the season.

The first week gave us a look at the players who will play a key role in their team’s attack. It also allows us to consider how successful they are, given their responsibilities. For this reason, there are always some surprises that emerge, especially during the first month of the season. Players seem to come out of nowhere to give their team a level of production unexpected by fans is not uncommon.

Sometimes production levels change for the better because the player has finally landed in a place where his new team already has a vision and a plan for him. There are also instances where a player has been dominant in a particular role across all camps, and the team decided to take advantage of the newly discovered skill set they discovered during the first few weeks of the season. However, most of the time when a player comes out of obscurity, he is simply a player who has improved so much compared to previous seasons and has become so good that his coaches can no longer ignore him.

Now that the first week is in the books, we can now start highlighting a few players in key locations who may have a very different season than many of us originally expected.

Carson WentzQB, leaders

Since it was coined in 2016 by Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz transitioned from All-Pro for the second team to a fringe player. To describe his last play in one word, it’s fair to say that it was conflict perfect. Wentz has all the tools to be a top 10 midfielder in the NFL. Unfortunately, his decision making was not on par with the physical traits he possessed. While I don’t think Wentz will stop taking unnecessary risks with football, I have to say this is the first time I remember him having weapons capable of circumventing his mistakes.

Wentz may have two objections in the first week, but the good completely outweighed the bad in the leaders’ 28-22 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Wentz posted 313 yards and four touchdowns, and I believe he will also continue playing games with three touchdowns or more due to the weapons he has at his disposal. as long Terry McLaurinAnd the Curtis SamuelAnd the Jahan DotsonAnd the Antonio GibsonAnd the Logan Thomas They are all in good health, and he expected his first week’s performance to be on par for the remainder of the year.

Dontrell HilliardRB, titans

It seems to me as if the Titans have finally found the perfect complementary return for Derek Henry. At 5 feet 11 and 202 pounds, the Hilliard has a 4.42 in the 40-yard dash and has Charmin’s soft hands as a receiver out of the rear field. The Titans are playing their part this year and forcing the opposing defensive coordinators to make some tough decisions. When Tennessee goes with 12 people (one running back and two tight ends), many defenses will go with their primary defense. what giants Not counting was that the running back was matched to one of their linebackers as a result.

According to Derek Henry, Hilliard was making backcourt plays at all training camps and the Titans’ coaching staff displayed his remarkable ability in the first week. This is a sign that the Giants are aware of the fact that they must begin to reduce Henry’s workload. And start using their backs with complementary skill sets to keep their attack on schedule. If your upper back gets low this week, the Hilliard could be a very valuable pickup for weeks to come.

O J. HowardThe Texas

Drafted by OJ Howard Tampa Bay Buccaneers With the 17th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, Howard stands 6-foot-6, 251 pounds, and has run a 4.51 40-yard dash in the NFL. To this point, Howard has not seen sustained success at the level his talent suggests, with 2018 having been his best season – 565 yards and five touchdowns in just 34 receptions. He’s been under 500 yards in four of his five NFL seasons, and a lot of that has been due to the injuries he’s sustained over the years.

Now at 27, Howard is finally in good health and has landed in a position where he will need to be a crutch for the young Texas quarterback. Davis Mills. In the first week, the Texans used a lot of double-seam concepts against single safety looks. This means Howard will have plenty of chances this year if the defenses keep lining up with only one safety in the hole. Even if the defenses chose to go two high safety, it would still be a seam threat if there was another vertical road next to it. with Branden Chefs And the Nico Collins Outside, the safety guys will have to choose which path they want to cover, either way, they’ll be wrong as long as Mills has time to throw. If Howard stays healthy all year long, this could be his outbreak season.

Devin DuVernayWR, crows

Rashid Bateman He’ll likely lead the Ravens’ reception room in yards, goals and receptions, but it will be Devin Duvernay who leads all of the Ravens’ receivers per yard per hunt when the 2022 season ends. Duvernay is clearly the “terminator” for the Ravens. It will be used as a deep threat to them which allows their narrow ends to roam freely underneath. Where Lamar Jackson QB had their start in Baltimore, they were best known for their running game and tendency to engage their tight ends between the hashes in the short to medium game.

While the Ravens’ running game, and their ability to create explosive plays with their narrow ends in the middle of the field, will continue to be an important part of their attack, they have a real hearth on the outside that teams should respect. If the box is crowded or the opposing defense is playing with heavier personnel to go along with Ravens Run and multiple tight end combinations, look to Greg Roman to make them push with Duvernay. The deep path out of a reduced split and four columns out of 12 (one back and two narrow ends) could become elements of the Ravens’ attack that would allow him to have his best season yet.

(Top photo: Christopher Hanwinkel-USA Today Sports)