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Whether it was the first step in major player changes or just pressing the reset button, the Winnipeg Jets decided to no longer have a team captain in 2022-23, removing the captain from Blake Wheeler. The 36-year-old Wheeler has two seasons left on a contract that pays just over $8 million per season, so he won’t be an easy player to trade in despite the apparent trade rumours.

Take the imagination: BOUNCE is going to Winnipeg

In an effort to market himself to other teams, is Wheeler likely motivated by this decision? Players love Joe ThorntonAnd the Patrick MarloweAnd the Dustin Brown She was not negatively affected after having to give up c. Brown managed to rebound in terms of scoring after some bottom seasons by his standards, while Thornton and Marlowe still managed to be effective point producers. Wheeler’s 0.92 PTS/GP has had a very consistent pager over each of the past three seasons, but at his age his production isn’t likely to pick up.

Back when I completed my The first fake project out of the season, I noticed Wheeler might be a potential withdrawal day deal. As it stands, Wheeler is still being drafted outside of Yahoo’s 50 best right wingers, behind the likes of Vasily PodkolzinAnd the Philip Shettlewounded Tom WilsonAnd the Arturi LaconinAnd the Kirby roof. wheeler Fantrax An ADP of 136 makes more sense, but it’s still a potential value pick in this league provider as well.

if you own Nils Lundqvist As a potential rookie sleeper for the upcoming season, you may want to change your plans. Reportedly, the 22-year-old defender Trade order Out of New York and won’t report to training camp. Lundkvist has published outstanding figures in Sweden for a defending under-21 man, but his path to the NHL appears to be blocked in the Rangers organisation, especially with Adam Fox The first PSU will likely run for many years to come. The trade may be beneficial to Lundkvist’s fictional value, although he may eventually cancel this order if the Rangers do not treat the matter as urgent. Chris Drury did it with Vitaly KravtsovWho should be in camp.

I completed another fake draft on Yahoo that day. The usual 12-teams with default Yahoo categories. Before I explain how this was different from others I’ve completed, here are the results:

1. Nikita Kucherov (TB – RW) – 7The tenth public choice

2. Mitchell Marner (Tor – RW)

3. Jake Goentzel (hole – LW)

4. Jack Eichel (VGK-C)

5. Evander King (Edm – LW)

6. Chris Letang (hole – d)

7. Brent Burns (Card)

8. Brayden Point (terabyte – c)

9. Doji Hamilton (NJ-D)

10 – Jordan Bennington (StL-G)

11. Mark Shevel (Wpg – C)

12. Ilya Samsonov (Tor-G)

13. Elvis Marslikins (Cls – G)

14. Tyson Barry (Edm – D)

15th. Oliver Björkstrand (Sea – RW)

16. Tyler Bertozzi (it is – LW, RW)

Yesterday I showed some examples of FantraxADPs are more in line with the actual player value than Yahoo. With that in mind, I decided to craft my team using Fantrax ADPs. In the Yahoo team, no less. I can’t say with great reliability that you should use a file Fantrax ADP via Yahoo’s ADP, even in Yahoo Draft. But if you want to draw from multiple rating sheets in your draft to ensure accuracy, you can add Fantrax ADP list of your resources.

Yesterday I also mentioned that the right wing is the least stocked of the three front positions. As it turned out, I chose the right wing with my first two picks from this draft. From a points-per-game perspective, just Conor McDavid He earned a better average points per game than Kucherov (1.47 points per game) last season. Assuming he can stay healthy, Kucherov may be the man you’ve forgotten and who might challenge Art Ross.

I was going to craft To David Buster instead of Jake Goentzel In the third round, but I already had two more right wingers in Kucherov and Marner. Pastrnak appears to be holding back a bit in the drafts, likely due to lost time last season and also due to the absences of Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy at the start of the season. Although its Yahoo ADP is 25 years old, it Fantrax ADP is 14 years old. Only five players have scored more goals than Pasta (108 G) over the past three seasons, so it’s not like he forgot how to score. (The original tweet before replying is from a different fake draft than the one above.)

I am the drafter Jack Eichel In the fourth round for two consecutive drafts. On Yahoo, his ADP is 43, but still Fantrax His age is 31. He should be healthy and finally settling in Vegas, so this season he might be recovering and maybe more than that. He was a 0.9+ PTS/GP scorer for four consecutive seasons before the last two seasons full of injuries and turmoil. There’s some risk in taking it early, but it feels like a smart gamble here.

Choose a high-value center in the middle rounds. Yesterday I was talking about him Brayden PointAnd the Mark ShevelAnd the Rob Hintz Being drafted too late. Robert Thomas He has ADP 98 in Fantrax But it will hit around 130 on Yahoo, so it can be included in this group as well. There are a lot of positions to choose from in those places if you can keep that long to craft positions. You made a point at 8The tenth Tour and manage to return to Scheifele at 11The tenth circular.

Trying to get as much value as possible in the first rounds means I’ll be relying on Zero G’s strategy again. I have a feeling Jordan Bennington will be a popular choice among those waiting for some time on goalkeepers. It checks the size box if you need minimal starts, but how reliable is it in terms of proportions? Ilya Samsonov It should also be there after selecting 100, as you chose it in successive drafts. As I mentioned before, the Toronto goalkeeper position is a coin toss and possibly a timeshare.

By the way, I’ll give a shout out to Nate, whose Zero G idea has now hit the mainstream on Yahoo Fantasy. If you are not familiar with the strategy, read about it here. If you’re not using it this season, you might find an opponent or two to try.

Maybe you can allow Elvis Marslikins It goes down a bit if you have a Yahoo draft – maybe even after picking 150. It ranks much lower on Yahoo (ADP 154) than it does on Yahoo Fantrax (ADP 115), as you may need to hold it in front of both Binnington (Fantrax ADP 124) and Samsonov (ADP 186).

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