Will Dylan Holloway start the season in Edmonton?

Due to Covid and injuries, Dylan Holloway has played a total of 91 regular season hockey games in just the past three seasons. He played 58 games in 2020 and 2021 in Wisconsin, and last season, after recovering from wrist surgery, he played 33 games for Bakersfield in the NHL. He has played five playoffs with the Condors, but overall he hasn’t played much hockey in the past three seasons.

His quest to break through the Oilers lineup begins tonight when the rookie Oilers face the Jets’ rookie in Penticton. He should stand out in this three-game tournament, but how he performs in main camp and in pre-season NHL games will determine whether he starts the season in Edmonton or Bakersfield. Remember, I’m expecting it to be on the Oilers’ opening day roster, for max reasons, but whether there will still be Day Two is the question. Holloway will be 100% healthy. When he joined Bakersfield last year, his wrist was good enough to play, but it limited his shot and ability to win fights. The lower hand was on his wand, so he couldn’t be as strong on his wand as he wished.

For many years, first-round picks virtually guaranteed a place on the Oilers’ list. The team wasn’t very good or deep, and fans were constantly feeding hope with their first-round picks. That wasn’t the case in 2022. If it was Holloway who made the team it would be on merit, not on reputation or the need to sell hope to the fan base. This should be seen as a positive among Oilersnation.

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I’ve only watched Holloway play a few games, all of which were online. I didn’t see him play live, so earlier this week I asked Jay Woodcroft, who coached him briefly at Bakersfield last season, what part of Holloway translates to as being an NHL player?

“He’s a strong skater,” Woodcroft said. “He’s got an NHL body build and he’s an excellent skater and strong. He’s not fast, but he’s got a lot of strength. That’s going to serve him well. When I saw him (his coach) it was only seven or eight games. The first two were like he was shooting from a cannon. He didn’t play. A long time ago, and he was coming out of surgery and he was playing with adrenaline and playing well. But then the reality hit. Which is that this is a really good league, you have to do it every day, there is a rhythm to the schedule and of course, he took a little dip, but then he made his way out He finished the season really strong.”

Holloway will need to play better than Matthias Janmark or Warren Fogili to earn a place in the squad, and that won’t be easy. Janmark and Foegele are established NHL players. Foegele will likely start pre-season camp/training on a streak with Ryan McLeod and Jesse Puljujarvi. They have the potential to be a solid third streak. Janmark has a lot of experience in the NHL. Holloway doesn’t, and I wonder how much his long-term development will affect whether he’s in Edmonton on the fourth line or starts on the first line in the AHL?

“I would say Kane (Netherlands) and I are on a steady move, and we see it exactly the same way,” Woodcroft said of Holloway and all the young players. “We want to win, but at the same time, you have a realistic vision of player development. If he is playing 4-6 minutes on the fourth streak that is not good enough. He needs to play, but if he is playing for 10 minutes on the fourth streak and helps the NHL club to Winning, training with some really good players and getting ahead of the lineup when he plays well, that’s a different story.

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“These questions are asked during camp. He will answer them. Our job is to make sure we pay attention. I appreciate the long-term plan that this guy will be a good player with the Oilers for a long time. You have to think for the time being, but also be aware,” Woodcroft said. For the future”.

Part of that process began last season for Holloway. Holloway not only played powerplay and 5×5. He also got a time kill penalty because there aren’t many PP chances right now in Edmonton. Top forwards are well appointed with Conor McDavid, Leon Drysittel and Ryan Nugent Hopkins while Zach Heyman and Evander Kane are likely to battle for the net front presence. Kailer Yamamoto and Puljujarvi could also be in the pure front turn mix.

So if Holloway was to contribute to Edmonton, he would start at 5×5 and at PK.

“As an AHL coach, what you want to do is paint portraits of the players, as well as give them a field of view on how to break through the big club,” Woodcroft said. “He has some natural talent which I think will lend him to being a good penalty kick killer. Taking time out on penalty kicks in MLS last year served him well.”

Holloway gets some kill time later in the season, and he’ll get some camp time and prep for the season. But he will have to win a job. He needs to beat some veterans, because the Oilers are in a winning position now.

trade winds…

May 18, 2022; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Edmonton Oilers (13) right-winger Jesse Poliojarvi hits the ball against Calgary Flames during the third period in Game One of the second round of the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs at Scotiabank Saddledome. Mandatory credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers don’t want to trade Jesse Poliugarvy. The only reason for the trade to happen is for reasons of a salary cap, and it might not be for the Bolgojarvi to move in. Puljujarvi is a legitimate NHL player. So is Vogelly. Trading either one of the draft picks isn’t ideal, but the current max crunch makes it possible. I would be surprised if an agreement was reached before the camp opened. An injury to the Oilers, or another team, and suddenly there will be more options to trade, or just keep players in Edmonton.

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On paper, Foegele-McLeod-Puljujarvi’s third line has a lot of potential. Puljujarvi’s strong supporters say he helps every player he plays with, and if that’s really the case, he should be the backbone of that streak. It was clear that he lost confidence in the second half of the season after returning from injury. Many players lose confidence. It’s an ongoing battle across the NHL. Many star players have taken on the challenge of losing confidence, but they have learned from it and how to better deal with it in the future. It’s a hard lesson, but Puljujarvi would be better for him. The great part about the new season is that he will start camp with great confidence. He had a great season of training and struggles from late last season into the past.

I expect him to get some kill time in pre-season. With Kane and Hyman here to start the season, it’s doubtful that Puljujarvi will get much PP time. So he, like Foegele, needs a shot at PK. Foegele has been a good killer in Carolina, and Puljujarvi will likely take a look ahead of the season to show Woodcroft that he is also capable of helping PK. Having six solid PK strikers, unnamed Draisaitl, would be a good thing for Edmonton. RNH, Mcleod, Foegele, Ryan, Puljujarvi and Malone/Shore could be those six. Yamamoto can also PK, so he’ll be in the mix too.


February 12, 2022; Beijing, China; Team Canada defender Jason Demers (60) and Team USA forward Matty Benners (10) during the third period of the men’s ice hockey preliminary round of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at the National Indoor Stadium. Mandatory credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Demers is an interesting PTO option. There is no danger to the Oilers, and in fact, having another veteran man on the right will help the likes of Dmitriy Samorukov and Markus Nimellainen in pre-season. Demers will be a constant presence for those young players who want to give their best in skating. I wouldn’t be surprised if Demirs looks strong in pre-season. He only played five games in the KHL last season, so he’ll be excited to play in the NHL again, but he has years of experience to count on and he won’t feel overwhelmed or stressed. Early pre-season games have many non-NHL players on the roster, so a seemingly relaxed Demers wouldn’t be a shock.

Demers played six seasons in San Jose when Woodcroft was assistant coach. Woodcroft knows him well, and I’m sure the connection was part of the reason Demers chose to sign the PTO at Edmonton. Relationships are important, and for a player trying to re-establish themselves, having a comfortable level with the coach can be beneficial. It would be tough for him to win a place on the Oilers roster, but I’m curious if he’s playing well if the Oilers want to start the season in Bakersfield. Do they want veteran RD to help mentor young RDs like Vincent Desharnais, Phil Kemp and Micheal Kesselring, as well as play with Samorukov or Niemelainen?

The Brett Ritchie camp has not decided what they will do. How realistic is he could win an NHL contract with the Oilers after pre-season? Usually, when players sign a PTO with a team, they do so believing that the team offers them the best chance of signing an NHL deal. I don’t think Edmonton would give him that, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t in the Oilers camp. Ritchie might decide to try a PTO here, but for now I wouldn’t bet on him.

There is no risk for Oilers to offer PTOs to players, but players should feel that they have a realistic chance of being awarded a contract. Otherwise, they must sign the PTO elsewhere.

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