Young stars Tourney, Evander Kane, and more Jesse Poliojarvi

We’re so close to the start of the NHL season that I can almost taste it, and the excitement means another dose of random thoughts running through my head that I need your help to figure out.

Young Stars Championship

On Friday’s episode of Radio OilersnationI talked about how to do it Young Stars ChampionshipTo me, it feels like bowlers are reporting to baseball training camp. It’s as if this rookie tournament serves as the official event to kickstart my brain to fully realize that the new NHL season is approaching and it’s time for the excitement to start. Although we’re long past the days of our first overall picks as we got our first taste of excitement in this tournament before it was finally expected to make an impact with the big club, there are still plenty of possibilities to watch as we gauge the long run. Al Holloways and Petroff make a difference. Even if you’re not interested in watching the matches, the Young Stars Championship means we’re only a few days away from opening main camp and officially starting 2022-23. The countdown has begun, my friends.

Evander Ken’s Settlement

Yesterday, the news broke it Evander Kane and San Jose Sharks settled Their complaint before their meeting with the arbitrator, and for obvious reasons, we were all wondering what kind of conclusion we would come to here. Since we’ve never seen anything like this before with one of our players, or at least as I can remember, the stakes were high and the odds were almost too odd.

Finished in Daily VesuvFrank Seravalli walked through some of the details of the Kane settlement and there were a couple of parts of the story that stuck out.

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While no party directly involved in the negotiations confirms the exact details of daily confrontationthe settlement was designed to make Kane “full” mainly of the difference between the amount of money left in his contract with the Sharks and the new amount he signed with the Oilers.

The notable comment here is that the Sharks basically had to make Kane complete, which leads me to wonder if they thought they could lose if this thing really went to airtight. Am I wrong here? Otherwise why would they primarily pay the difference? Just to avoid trouble? get over it with?

As a result, Kane will receive a one-time cash payment from San Jose in the vicinity of $2.5 million to make it complete. (One source argued this number, saying that Kane was not entirely complete, but was close to that number.)

Regardless of what Kane actually got and how close he owed to the sharks, I find it remarkable that he basically got the difference between what’s left on his old deal compared to the new one he signed here in Edmonton. I mean, I’m not a scientist, but doesn’t that mean he was right all along? Either way, I’m not smart enough to know that.

In his own words, Ken turned to Twitter and Present his thoughts on the settlement And put everything behind it.

“I played some of the best hockey in San Jose and gave everything I had on the ice. I really enjoyed playing in front of the Sharks fans and I really appreciate the loyal fans who have supported me all along. Adversity can either break you or make you stronger, it definitely makes me stronger. I am happy to finish Finally this chapter of my hockey career. Edmonton let’s go!”

All I know for sure is that I’m glad this mess is over before the season starts, and now Kane can focus on how to build on a great first round working with the Oilers. Dare to dream.

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I hate Jesse Poligoarvy’s business talk

I swear to the Hockey Gords team I’m sick of writing about trading Jesse Puljujarvi, but I can’t stop doing it. It’s just that I can’t wrap my head around why or how we got here, and whether the situation has become so unacceptable that the only way out is to lose a trade that sends him out of town to pick a draft or two. I mean, I totally understand Ken Holland needs to find a way to clear cover space before the season starts, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how taking him to near nothing is the best way to get the job done. Again, I don’t mean to take pictures of Warren Foegele here, but given the fact that he makes nearly as much money as Jesse and doesn’t produce as much, I find it hard to get around the reason. There’s obviously a lot I don’t know – who’s to say what the relationship dynamics in the team look like – but if we’re talking black and white, none of these Puljujarvi rumors would make sense to me.

better than ever

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