Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Introduction: The Best and Strangest Theories

Link flies on a plane surrounded by magic in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, formerly Breath of the Wild 2, or BOTW 2, for the Nintendo Switch.

screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

with information about sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Rare as Coccu’s teeth, every scrap or trailer is filled, shredded, and meticulously checked by ardent fans, such as conspiracy Decode the latest Q-drop. Here are some of our favorite fan theories from yesterday’s new trailer, along with the name reveal, Kingdom tears.

Oftentimes, people’s theories about the discoveries hidden in the meager details of a Nintendo version are based on wishful thinking, obvious imagination, or downright absurdity. But it’s always great to look at them, hoping to discover the lump of truth, and the strange little bit made with the eyes of an eagle. Here’s the trailer, just full of little details, glyphs and other fan-favourite junk, to forensically dissect.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Coming May 12, 2023 – Nintendo Switch

Always a favorite are jpegs covered in red circles and stripes, which look like they’re going to conclude with proof of a grassy knoll shooter. (Imagine your Charlie in always sunny gif here.) Here’s a great one from Reddit user WhatWasThatHowl, which aims to prove multiple crossovers with Twilight Princessespecially the presence of Twillis And their world is twilight.

Lots of people assume the title says “tears” as in tears, but what if it’s “tears” as in rips in reality? It is worth knowing that the first Breath of the wild Very distinct ruins from a prehistoric tribe called the Zonai, although the game doesn’t make any clear about any of them. And earlier Kingdom tears Trailer, Zelda suggests that the timelines be merged. So, the poster above speculates that since this new trailer now features the same antiques and links to Twili from Twilight Princess, then it follows that the Zonai are descended from them. Where is my red thread?

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Of course, once you start digging Zelda timetablesMigraine is not far away. we wereThere are three separate units present at this point, each of them separated from ocarina of time; The so-called “adult timeline” and “child timeline” and restore the contradiction “fallen hero timeline”. Or, as I like to describe it, “They just started random stories with the same characters, and then tried to retroactively force them into some kind of meaning.” Anyway, none of this is very important, given that the official The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Creating a Hero The book states that according to Zelda fandom The site, “everything before Breath of the wild The backstory in the legend has faded.”

Reddit user Lentoron was able to find the location of a scene from you diedoriginal trailer OTWconfirming that the game is at least partially set on the same map.

But of course we also know that the sequel will feature a lot of weird sky-based behaviors, with floating islands and Link able to glide between them, Green Goblin-style.

Isac Morandin on Twitter rummaged through the trailer’s background detail with particular care, and discovered these strange green swirling patterns appearing from the ground in various places.

My theory: These will be the launch pads, which upon entry will fling the link up in the air, for him, parachuting to the new areas above. We have actually seen Something similar in the 2021 announcementwhere Link turns into a small drop and floats up (apparently in the opposite direction?).

You also have a lot of people who have discovered the new device on Hip Link:

Link is crouched on a platform, a strange new device on his hip.

Clarification: Nintendo / Kotaku

The most common theory on the internet is that this is meant to contain those tears, those tears in the kingdom. Which of course would put the kibosh on the “rip/cry” theory. (Which never worked anyway, since the Japanese title uses 淚, which means crying tears.) During the trailer, you see the same thing, but only half full.

And speaking of tears, kudos to IntentStudios on Reddit for this “Oh yeah!” Moment:

In the more desirable area of ​​thinking are various theories that attempt to match mysterious shapes or quirky patterns with just about anything from the history of the franchise. At this point, the Rorschach test is essentially a Rorschach test that tells us more about the label than the vanity. Here, for example, is the desperate hope that the barely visible camouflage (which is likely one of the platforms Link is browsing elsewhere in the trailer) might be one of the canceled concepts of the divine beast from OTW.

Others suggest a dragon, but, you know, it’s probably just a platformer.

Zelda rides a floating platform thing, high above Hyrule.

screenshot: Nintendo / Switchleafper / Kotaku

Currently, this is One I fall for. final intersection. I’m sure this is true:

Ultimately, this isn’t a theory, but it’s too nice not to sneak into it. Twitter user and pixel artist Kaimatten somehow created this artwork, based on the game’s cover art, just a few hours later:

Make sure you hit Play, because as beautiful as it is, it’s another thing when animating.

we Still trying to figure If we can play Like dry father Janon Or if we’re finally going to run like Zelda, but I’m sure you must have your own cockamy theories to share. Paste them in the comments below.